Whitelist in NFT - why is it needed?

New NFT projects are interested in attracting as many users and their attention as possible. To increase interest, guarantees of purchase are among the first used by Whitelist. We will analyze what it is and what it gives to buyers.

Whitelist - what is it and what benefits does it give

The list of people who filled out the application and met the requirements for getting on the waiting list for early (among the first) purchases of NFTs or cryptocurrencies is the Whitelist.

Before tokens hit the market, they are actively promoted. Celebrities advertise NFT collections, talk about them, and repost them on social networks. Usually, before the start of the project, lists are used to warm up interest, aka whitelist, for those who want to buy tokens. First, NFTs themselves are unique. And secondly, their number is always less than those who want to buy them. And to obtain more favorable conditions (sometimes the price is slightly lower), white sheets are used to guarantee the purchase among the first.

Even large collections of NFTs have no more than 10,000 tokens. At the same time, there are many more people who want to buy them. Suffice it to recall large projects, for example, Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose tokens were sold out in 12 hours.

Of the advantages of a whitelist, it is worth highlighting:

● Purchase guarantee. That is, you will be 100% among the first who will have access to the NFT collection.
● Low price, and sometimes giveaways. This is a great option for newcomers to the market because they do not risk huge amounts of money. And those who make money on tokens make big profits.
● No "gas" wars. Transactions require a certain fee. And for unique lots, the price for gas reaches thousands of dollars. Just to be the first to grab the right token. When buying from a whitelist, this problem does not exist.

Whitelist is an opportunity to buy NFTs one of the first and often on more favorable terms.

How to get on Whitelist

Each NFT project has its requirements. Using the white list helps, among other things, to further advertise the collection and attract an even larger audience. The requirements for being on the list include:

● Comments and activity on Discord, and other social networks. We recommend that you at least have accounts on this site, on Twitter.
● Change the current avatar to those found in the NFT.
● Invite friends to the same Discord. Their number varies from 1-2 to 20-40 people.
● If the project is a game project, then you may need to reach a certain level.
● Draw and post art.

This is just an approximate list, the authors of each project themselves set the conditions for getting into the whitelist.

First steps for those who are just starting to buy in NFT

If you decide to buy NFT, then you should start by participating in the whitelist. This way you save and resell the token on the secondary market at a higher price. For example, even the most common NFT can be sold for 20% more than when buying.

To keep track of new projects, you should create a Discord account. This is a platform where all the data about the project is posted: the team, drawings, announcements, criteria for getting into the whitelist, and much more.

You should also carefully approach the choice of the project in which you want to invest money. Track profile channels on YouTube, Twitter, and specialized sites like Rarity.tools. Your future earnings also depend on the choice of a suitable NFT collection.

Entering the NFT market through a white list is simple and safe in terms of possible losses. If you are a beginner, then white sheets will help you dive into the cryptosphere with minimal loss of time and money.