Cifris gives your brand: Recognition, Loyalty & Prestige

Issuing your own tokens opens you up to more markets.

Strategy market

Strengthen your market position

Strategy economy

Enter the new digital economy

Strategy prove

Prove the authenticity of your items

Strategy NFT

Draw attention to your brand

Strategy expand audience

Expand your market

Strategy ivest

Gain a competitive edge technology to increase employee loyalty

Assigning an NFT with Cifris is Simple and Easy

Please note: KYC verification may take up to 72 hours



Create an account with just a few clicks



Mint your own NFT with of Cifris



List your token on the marketplace



Upon the customer’s request, you are responsible to facilitate the delivery of the item

Advantages metaverse

Lead the transition into the metaverse

Advantages nft pasport

NFT Passport for your item

Advantages protection

Protection against fraud and counterfeit

Advantages materialixe nft

Materialize the NFT

Cifris is Safe & Secure

Cifris tokens, and consequently your items, are protected from counterfeit as all information is stored in the Blockchain.

Cifris NFT Certificate:

  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need of additional authenticity measures
  • Guarantees to the buyer proof of ownership
  • Tokenize your items

    NFT or non-fungible token, is a progressive tool that gives your company an advantage in the era of digital economy and virtual markets

  • Helps your business to convert your products into digital form
  • Provides you an infrastructure to create NFTs which can be auctioned or sold on Cifris marketplace
  • Cifris