Open up to new markets Create NFTs

We will assist your business in order to help you to sell physical items in the virtual world.

Official merchant

Lead the transition into the metaverse

NFT Passport for your items

Protection against fraud and counterfeit

Materialize a purchased NFT

Cifris is Safe & Secure

Cifris tokens, and consequently your items, are protected from counterfeit as all information is stored in the Blockchain.

Cifris NFT Certificate:

Reduces costs by eliminating the need of additional authenticity measures and guarantees to the buyer proof of ownership.

Tokenize your items and get the upper hand

NFT or non-fungible token, is a progressive tool that gives your company an advantage in the era of digital economy and virtual markets.

Cifris helps your business to convert your products into digital form. We provide you with an infrastructure where you will be able to create NFTs to auction or sell them on Cifris marketplace. We protect your tokens and their buyers from illegal actions.

Let Cifris NFT help you elevate your brand name to be among the prominent brands already using blockchain technology and adopting NFT

Sell your items with a mark up several times more than in the traditional market

Leading brands have already realized the benefits of selling items and services in the virtual environment. A digital NFT of a Gucci bag was sold for nearly $1,000 more than the real bag.

Your profits has no limits

Item with NFT becomes more valuable over time

NFT can be auctioned on Cifris Marketplace

NFT can be sold on Cifris marketplace

Cifris gives your brand: Recognition, Loyalty & Prestige

Issuing your own tokens opens you up to more markets.

Strengthen your market position and gain a competitive edge.

Enter the new digital economy and virtual markets.

Prove the authenticity of your items.

NFTs are trending, draw attention to your brand.

Expand your audience.

Invest in advanced technology to increase employee loyalty.

Give your customers a reason to be excited.

Enhance their user experience and reap the benefits of viral reach.

Delight Collectors

Release NFT drops of unique and limited items. Customers that purchase your NFTs will receive:

Ownership of unique and limited items

Involvement in the history of the brand

An asset that grows in value

Certificates proving the authentication of these items

Assigning an NFT with Cifris is Simple and Easy

Please note: KYC verification may take up to 3 business days



Register on Cifris and wait to be verified



Once verified we help you set up the dashboard and give you a walk through.



Assign a token to your item



Upon the customer’s request, you are responsible to facilitate the delivery of your item to the buyer.

Cifris Marketplace – publishing your tokens

We not only assist you in packaging your items as NFTs but Cifris Marketplace connects you with buyers eager to be part of this new world.

Mint tokens and increase your customer reach

Earn royalties from your items

Auction your items

6+ categories

Sell your items

Cifris expertise is the backbone of NFT business

Cifris is at the forefront of creating a new form of transaction between the seller and the buyer. As early adopters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, our specialists know all the ins and outs of this field.

Entrust your business and future token holders to proven specialists – work with Cifris.

Convenient business solutionIssue NFTs to protect items directly in your store

With the “In-Store Minting” feature, you don't have to upload the item to the marketplace. Issue NFT right after the client purchases any of your products in-store, hand over an NFT as proof of ownership

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