Selling NFTs without investment is real?

Creating your own NFT and earning a couple of hundred or even thousands of dollars on it is the dream of everyone who understands this area. But is it possible to sell a token without investments? Or do you still need money for something? We propose to understand.

Creation and sale of NFTs

With different platforms, NFT marketplaces offer the opportunity for everyone who registers to create their token in a couple of clicks. The process is quite simple - select the desired option, give a unique name, upload a digital asset (image, video, text, or something else), prescribe conditions (if necessary), and create. Great, but what about the sale?

For someone to decide to buy your NFT, preferably at a good price, several stages are necessary, each requiring certain investments.

  • Advertising. No matter how cool tokens you create, if they are not known, no one will buy them. For those who want to generate public interest in their work, you will have to spend some money on advertising. This item is optional and it is possible to save here using free traffic channels.
  • Transactions. After creating the token, you want to sell it. All sorts of commissions require money. Amounts vary from site to site. But they are not 0.


Gas (gas) is the commissions of various platforms and NFT marketplaces for conducting transactions and executing contracts on the blockchain. Ethereum (the largest token blockchain) has the highest fees. That is why other platforms are considering new NFT standards to reduce the price of gas.

The cost of placement and sale of tokens varies and depends on many factors. For example, there is a slang word gas war (Gas War) - an increase in the commission for the purchase of NFTs on their own with a heavy load on the network.

Entering large platforms or marketplaces for sale immediately requires serious investments. First, there is huge competition. This means that you will have to spend additional money on promotions within the site itself. Secondly, commissions are usually much higher, which again leads to high costs.

Yes, creating an NFT for free is real. But getting a profit from it, and successfully selling it will require some investments.

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When choosing a platform for selling NFTs, pay special attention to commissions. Otherwise, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where more is spent on the creation and implementation of a token than on its actual sale.