How to create an NFT for sale: a step-by-step guide

How to create an NFT for sale: a step-by-step guide

If you have reached this page, it means that you have already thought about the issue of making your token. We will tell you step by step how to create and sell NFTs.

5 easy steps to create an NFT token

1. Create a crypto wallet. Since NFTs most often use the Ethereum blockchain, it makes more sense to create a wallet in this particular currency. Or use the one where different variants of cryptocurrencies are allowed.

2. Register on the marketplace. Choose from popular options like OpenSea. Or create and run a profitable sale on Cifrus (we'll talk about the benefits of this platform below). Be sure to connect your wallet to the platform. To increase attention to your tokens, you need to fill in your account details.

3. Prepare the content. Virtually everything is translated into a token: from gifs, pictures, and music to real physical objects and concert tickets. It is worth considering that the digitization and subsequent materialization of the object (if necessary) is a more complicated process. It is better to turn to professionals who can convert items into tokens and back with maximum profit.

4. Create an NFT collection. A single token is unlikely to attract the attention of potential buyers. Yes, and you, if you generate several NFTs, it will be easier. Upload prepared content to the site:

● name;

● description;

● links, for example, to social media accounts;

● collection (if you have one);

● blockchain, most commonly used Ethereum or Polygon;

● creation.

A beautifully designed and thoughtful collection will attract additional buyers.

In the Ethereum blockchain, there is a so-called "gas" - the cost for transactions in blocks. That is, to transfer the ETH currency, and create and execute a smart contract, funds will be required. Or this gas. Yes, you have to pay to register your token.

5. Sell NFTs. After the token is created, the "Sell" button is activated. You set the price yourself. Decided that your gif is worth $1 million? No problem set that price. But keep in mind that it is far from the fact that someone will buy it. If you want to earn money, you will have to adequately evaluate your product.

What to do after you have created an NFT?

At this point, it will seem that your millions are in your pocket. But in reality, a successful sale requires a little more than just creating an NFT. The next step is to make the token or the entire collection unique and valuable to the audience. Everything is important here: the history of creation and why you decided to make an NFT, the concept, and perhaps some development options after buying a token. For example, participation in some closed clubs, personal consultations, bonuses upon purchase, and so on. Lots of options.

If you already have an audience, buyers in social networks, offer NFT as a bonus to the purchase of your product or service. This way you will attract existing customers to NFT, and increase activity. And attract new ones by selling on the marketplace itself.

Benefits of creating an NFT on Cifris

If you wonder where to create an NFT, then we offer the Cifris marketplace for this. You'll get:

● convenient and clear interface. There is no need to understand for a long time, everything is intuitively clear;

● 10000+ audience daily. Opportunity to reach a large number of potential buyers;

● 9+ categories. Place the token in the appropriate category to attract exactly your target audience;

● adequate percentage of the sale. The marketplace takes adequate commissions for the sale and purchase procedure;

● security. All data is securely protected, both for the seller and the buyer;

● fast withdrawal of funds. It is available to receive funds from the sale to a bank card, or another crypto wallet, PayPal.

Create your first NFT, sell it on and start making extra money from it.