Innovation in Business Summit 2022

 We are glad to announce that Cifris took part in Innovation in Business Summit 2022. 
 Innovation in Business Summit 2022 held in Dubai, on October 3 and 4, has concluded upon a high note of endorsing and supporting emerging, technology-based, innovative enterprises. The summit was a two-day event - a conference and exhibition, involving companies from the fields of artificial intelligence, VR based immersive experiential learning, metaverse, blockchain technology and many others. 
 Nousheen Mukhtar organizes Innovation in Business Summit to pave the way for innovators from various sectors, ensuring stronger market presence and business networking. 

This year blockchain technology businesses dominated the summit. The leaders of all participating companies enlightened an eager audience of investors about their business solutions. There were commendable business pitches marking the spirit of the event.  
We truly appreciate your continued support.