How to make money with NFT: 5 relevant ways

How to make money with NFT: 5 relevant ways

Perhaps the most popular question related to NFTs is how to make money on them and how much money you need to invest there. Here we will analyze in detail the current methods of monetization, where to buy and sell NFTs.

How to earn money with NFTs

We’ve put together the best options for you. The field of tokens is constantly changing, so in a year new ways to profit from NFTs are quite possible to emerge.

1. Create an NFT and sell it. Any manufacturer or artist can create a non-fungible token. Another question: who will need it? Naturally, large bloggers with a loyal audience, celebrities, well-known companies create and quite successfully sell tokens. There is a chance that anyone can take off. For example, Nyan Cat — a cat and rainbow meme, converted into an NFT, was sold for $580,000. Crypto art is now at the peak of popularity and everyone is able to earn on the creativity.

2. Reselling NFTs. A simple but costly way. You purchase NFT, for example, in the marketplace, and after a while you sell it. Some creators give away NFTs for free, and as a result, these tokens reach thousands of dollars in the secondary market. Here it is important to follow all the trends and popular NFTs. Once again, it is worth selling tokens on time.

For example, the NFT that exploded in 2017, CryptoKitties, at the peak of its popularity, brought more than 100 thousand dollars to its owners. But by 2022, the average cost of tokens is just over $1.

3. Copyrights sale. NFT gives ownership for a digital item. And it is entirely possible to sell usage rights to others. Not every token is suitable for these purposes, so the choice for earning in this option should be approached especially carefully.

4. Investing in NFTs. This option is similar to a regular resale. But the difference is, tokens are created for valuable and exclusive items. Collectors and private investors are pouring thousands and millions of dollars into potentially expensive digital artifacts. NFT collections are regularly released by large companies and well-known brands. As with stocks, over time, investing in such tokens of these organizations will pay off for itself and subsequently bring profit.

5. Creation of an NFT game. Not everyone can do it, but this method has successfully proven itself. The first NFT boom began actually with crypto games. It is worth considering that simple, poorly thought-out games are no longer needed by anyone. If initially, it was new and interesting, now users are expecting something fresh. You will have to think over the mechanics of the game, avatars, features and “features”.

Cifris NFT-marketplace

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